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Grain Bins

The first bin designed for the 21st Century!


  • Sukup invests in the worlds most advanced production equipment, this ensures the industries best fitting bin.

  • Strongest farm bin roof- 5,000 lbs load rating to 30,000 lbs on commercial roofs.

  • Largest manhole opening.

  • Best hardware in the industry, JS500 plating on their bolts, including serrated flange nuts used on the roof.

  • Commercial roofs come equipped with a 1/4" thick, 60" diameter, diamond deck, steel peak lid that provides a solid base for conveying equipment or fill spouts.

  • Optional side draw systems available.

Mixed Flows

With increased interest in the Mixed flow dryer platform back in 2015 Sukup Manufacturing began testing and playing with the idea of producing their own Mixed flow but with the benefit of industry leading controls and platform exclusive Vacuum cool!


The increased fuel efficiency, test weight, and grain quality were amazing and pushed Sukup to begin production very soon after! 


The Vacuum cool section on the Sukup Mixed flow dryer not only increases fuel efficiency but also allows the dryer to have a much more simple and efficient single metering roll on each side of the dryer that drops a controlled amount of grain into a single chain conveyor unload. The metering rolls and chain conveyor are driven from one AC motor controlled by a VFD. This dryer with gravity fill gives customers the simplicity of a tower dryer without the performance loss from screens getting plugged and reducing airflow. With the mixed flow dryer, the last bushel dries just as efficiently as the fist bushel without any in season screen cleaning!


Contact Dan Or Brandon for more info and pricing!

Chain Conveyors

Sukup offers many different options when it comes to chain conveyors, they have a style for every application.


From flat drag conveyors to conveyors with inclines up to 50 degrees to help get your grain wherever you need it to go. If a flat conveyor doesn’t fit your needs, then they also offer a chain and tube style conveyor. Sukup designs these conveyors with the customers in mind when it comes to maintenance and cleanliness.


The covers are designed with no seals needed but will keep the water out and the dust in. With the bearing, shaft, and sprocket being all one piece, it makes it easier to adjust the tightness of your chain when doing preventative maintenance.

Unloads & Sweeps


Sukup provides multiple different options when it comes to unloading grain. They take pride in their design when it comes to efficiency and capacity and strive to improve continuously.


Their 16 to 1 ratio on the reduction drive wheel ensures less wear and tear and minimizes slippage on the sweep to help pick up more grain as it moves around the bin. The independent intermediate can be used to unload your bin without adding stress to the sidewalls if your center sump produces blockage.The gearboxes in the center are offset to provide max capacity when unloading as well.


When it comes to unloads the vertical auger will provide the highest unload capacity in the industry, while the design on the sweep away power heads is designed for easy maintenance when replacing flighting due to the fact that you don’t even have to take the head off!

Tower Dryers

Sukup Tower Dryers provide fast, efficient drying for large farming operations and commercial elevators.


  • These units are completely assembled on-site and are available in a variety of sizes from 12’ – 24’ diameter and heights from 56’ – 120‘.

  • Heat/cool capacities range from 1200 bushels/hr to 7000 bushels/hr with 5 point removal.

  • Sukup Tower Dryers feature high-quality components like stainless steel screens, a stainless steel grain table, top-quality blowers and burners, and easy-to-use computerized controls with self-diagnostics.

Profile Dryers

The most advanced dryers available!


  • These dryers provide easy, efficient drying and top quality grain. Sukup's exclusive Quadra Touch controller and exclusive Quad Metering Roll system prevents overdrying of the inner layers of grain, resulting in better quality.

  • The pattented Sukup Double-Cross System on stacked dryers moves the grain from one side of the dryer to the other to offset the effects of weather on the drying process.

  • Every Sukup dryer is packed with exclusive features that help them outperform the competition, and of course, every Sukup dryer is backed by our years of grain drying experience and dedication to outstanding customer service.

QuadraTouch TM

The Sukup QuadraTouch Pro TM control systems featured on all Sukup Dryers were designed to be easy to use.


  • Simple menus guide you through dryer functions for easy start-up and operation.

  • Operator inputs are easy with a pop-up keypad for entering drying temps or discharge moisture set-points.

  • PLC-based system is built to withstand harsh environments and has superior electrical noise protection, eliminating nuisance trips and providing a dependable system.

  • Advance algorithms used in the programming increase dryer efficiency, reduce large swings in temperature and discharge moisture, and help the dryer run more efficiently.

  • The metering rolls are run by a highly reliable variable frequency drive and an AC motor, making for infinitely variable speed.

GSM Phone Modem

The GSM Phone Modem works with QuadraTouch Pro TM controls and operates through GSM cell phone service.  If the dryer shuts down, the GSM service sends a text message to a predetermined cell phone number, noting what the fault was.  You can also text message the dryer and it will reply with current status, moisture, unload speed and temperature. Desired moisture content, plenum temperature and manual unload speed can also be adjusted from your cell phone.


Remote Monitoring Software can be installed on a PC or laptop to allow you to view the QuadraTouch Pro TM control panel on the computer.  Through the software, you can monitor dryer activity and adjust dryer controls and settings.  As a safety precaution, the software does not allow you to start the dryer remotely. 

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